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A New Principle and Practice

October 1937

"In less than half a lifetime, the principle and practice of chiropractic has progressed from a crude, guessing method, to one of scientific precision. It has progressed from the adjustment of many places in the spine, not being sure of any one place...to the adjustment of one specific segment in the spine, knowing positively that it is the one, knowing how, when and why it should be adjusted. In other words: chiropractic has progressed from a mere theory to one of science and exacting methods of practice and it has been done in 42 years."

"We think today that chiropractic has progressed to a high state of efficiency and it has when we look back on the crude methods used in the early days of our profession, but even so we must continue to keep pushing ahead for better and more scientific methods of practice."

-V.G. Coxon, D.C., Ph.C. (of The B.J. Palmer Chiropractic Clinic Staff)

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