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Can Chiropractic really help Asperger's or Autism?

Dear parent,

I hope I can provide straightforward information to help you make the best decision for your child. First things first, chiropractic is not a treatment for autism or any neurodevelopmental disorder for that matter. Chiropractic helps alleviate a common underlying condition known as subluxation that affects the spine and nerves. Since a child is constantly growing and developing, subluxation(s) can hinder the development of the brain and body by upsetting proper nerve communication. This scenario would contribute to limitations in development and normal health status. Accordingly, reducing the underlying spinal condition can contribute to natural improvements in overall health and a decrease in abnormal function and symptoms.

So, the role of the chiropractor is to do something for the child that no other healthcare provider can do i.e. improve the spine and nerve system. It is not to replace any other provider or healthcare service. Our focus is to restore function instead of treat symptoms.

The way we correct subluxation in this office is through a system known as "upper cervical care." While traditional chiropractors usually apply multiple adjustments to multiple segments of the spine, the upper cervical chiropractor can adjust the entire spine by aligning the atlas or C1 vertebra. This allows for more potential benefit and less overall intervention. Upper cervical adjustments in this office are precise, effective, and extremely gentle.

Chiropractic can unlock potential and allow your child a better quality of life despite labels and limitations. We hope you will consider partnering with us on your journey.

Best regards,

Dr. Renfrow

Renfrow Chiropractic Center, PC is your source for health restoration through the upper cervical care procedure. Upper cervical chiropractic care is a scientific approach to optimizing health by restoring balance to the nervous system. This procedure allows our clients more freedom by helping them naturally heal and function better.

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