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Have you ever been sick and congested and thought, "I'll never take being healthy for granted again." Many people live like that in relationship to their digestive system; it's either you or someone you know. It may seem like eating anything at all is going to cause their symptoms whether it's heartburn or cramps or diarrhea. There's even a huge market in over the counter and prescription drugs aimed at reducing these symptoms in sufferers of digestive disorders. But despite the availability of drugs and other treatment options, few seem to find permanent relief. What if the cause of most digestive disorders isn't in the digestive system itself? 

Science is continually pointing to the nervous system as a major contributing factor in the development of digestive disorders. The nervous system serves the digestive system by providing operational information from the brain to coordinate with all other functions of the body. This process is specifically mediated by the brainstem with direct help from the vagus nerve (cranial nerve ten). Because the brainstem plays a major role in this bodily process, the digestive system can be adversely affected by anything that puts abnormal stress on the brainstem. A vertebral misalignment near the brainstem can play a contributory role in a wide variety of health conditions. Research literature has documented clinical evidence that correction of vertebral subluxation can lead to improvement and even resolution of conditions like digestive disorders.

But, could it really be that simple? Yes, and this is why...

Our bodies are programmed to seek a state of balance known as homeostasis. The center for homeostatic intelligence in the body is the brain i.e. all the organs cannot function without directions from the brain sent via the nervous system. So, just like air, water, food, etc.; your body needs clear channels of communication to each organ through the nerves to direct normal activities of homeostasis.

A problem arises when there is interruption in the communication channels between the brain and the organs (cells) it is directing. You know that a major spinal injury can lead to paralysis and organ failure because the nerve supply is interrupted and nerve supply is the most important ingredient for normal functioning (remember Superman, Christopher Reeve?). But what about a minor spinal injury? It can do the very same thing but at a much slower pace. Instead of completely shutting down the nerve signal, a minor injury (subluxation) can decrease the amount of nerve supply getting to the tissues and organs. Over time the organ/cells/tissues become more susceptible to dysfunction, incoordination, and abnormality. 

An interruption in the nerve system at the brainstem level can have adverse effects on the vagus nerve and digestive system resulting in any of a variety of conditions including colic, acid reflux, constipation, irritable bowel syndrome and Crohn's disease. These conditions present a hindrance to normal function and quality of life. Some can be severely debilitating and span the course of a lifetime. Upper cervical care corrects spinal alignment and reduces nerve system interference to allow the body to heal itself in a relatively short period of time. Upper cervical care is a unique chiropractic discipline that has been shown to promote optimal function of the entire body.  

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