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Fibromyalgia is tough on patients considering the wide array of symptomatic expression and the occurrence of periodical flare-ups. There is no known medical cure for the condition; however, it is evident that chiropractors and upper cervical chiropractors in particular have been helping fibromyalgia patients experience better health and a greater quality of life. I contend that this is due to the fibromyalgia-brainstem link that has become evident through recent medical research. The effects of vertebral subluxation (atlas misalignment) at the critical brainstem region can have detrimental effects on the entire body by laying the structural and physiological foundation for pain and sickness. Accordingly, the correction of vertebral subluxation has the potential to reverse the physical and neurological degenerative processes and allow a natural restoration of normal health in time.

The following is a collection of chiropractic research case studies for the fibromyalgia patient considering upper cervical chiropractic care:

  • Tedder N, Tedder A, Gorshack SJ. Resolution of chronic fibromyalgia and improved spinal curves following correction of an atlas subluxation: A case report & selective review of the literature [case report; review]. J Upper Cervical Chiropr Res. 2015 Summer;2015(3):Online access only p 24-29.

"The patient was 32-year old female who suffered with extreme fatigue, pain, and depression due to fibromyalgia syndrome. The patient experienced a rapid decline in health and vitality. The patient sought chiropractic care two years after the onset."

"After performing a case history, physical examination and chiropractic evaluation it was determined that the patient had a subluxation of the C1 (atlas) vertebra. The patient received knee-chest upper cervical chiropractic care for a period of six months, in which she was evaluated 41 times. She was checked for indicators of vertebral subluxation during every visit and was adjusted eight times over the course of care. The patient reported a complete resolution of her fibromyalgia symptoms."

  • Apatiga A, Soriano W. Resolution of fibromyalgia & polypharmacy concomitant with increased cervical curve & improved quality of life following reduction of upper cervical subluxation: A case study [case report]. J Upper Cervical Chiropr Res. 2014 Fall;2014(4):Online access only p 61-67.

"A 31-year-old female presents with low back pain, headaches and fibromyalgia. Patient sought chiropractic care as an alternative means to pharmacological management of her pain."

"X-rays were taken as well as a skin temperature differential analysis establishing the patient's pattern. Patient received five knee chest upper cervical specific adjustments in the span of 18 months. The patient reported a decrease in symptomatology related to fibromyalgia after two months of care. Vertebral subluxation was reduced and cervical curvature was improved. The patient recently reports she is no longer taking any medications."

"The correction of an upper cervical vertebral subluxation through knee chest upper cervical specific care is presented. Acknowledged decrease in patient's perceived pain with decreased signs of vertebral subluxation findings in the upper cervical area is noted. This report discusses the possible pathophysiological connection behind an upper cervical subluxation and fibromyalgia."

  • Bennett C, Tedder N. Improvement in a patient with fibromyalgia following Knee Chest Upper Cervical specific care: A case report [case report]. J Upper Cervical Chiropr Res. 2012 Winter;2012(1):27-30.

"The patient was a 64 year old woman with the chief complaint of fibromyalgia diagnosed 6 years before presentation. She also had complaints of sleep apnea, loss of coordination, glaucoma, degenerative disc disease, and changes in bowel habits. After a thorough examination was done, it was determined that the patient had an upper cervical subluxation of C1. This was determined by cervical radiographs, paraspinal thermography, prone leg length analysis, and postural assessment."

"The patient received Knee Chest Upper Cervical care for three months and at the time of this study had 80 percent relief of symptoms and an improvement in energy level."

"Although no definite conclusions can be drawn from one single case study, this study does show improvement of a patient presenting with fibromyalgia syndrome. This study does warrant the need for a larger study such as a randomized controlled clinical trial to further understand the benefits of chiropractic on those with fibromyalgia."

  • Alibhoy N. Resolution of fibromyalgia following upper cervical chiropractic care: A case study [case report]. J Upper Cervical Chiropr Res. 2011 Spring;1(2):Online access only p 39-44.

"A 45 year old female presented for chiropractic care. Her history included two major traumas and 10 car accidents leading to complaints of an 11 year history of fibromyalgia. Other complaints included migraine headaches, chronic neck pain, upper and lower back pain, numbness in fingers, sciatica, right knee pain, depression, and duodenal ulcer."

"Upon examination the patient had an upper cervical subluxation determined by x-ray and pattern analysis. Upon correction of the upper cervical subluxation utilizing a specific knee chest technique, the patient experienced resolution of fibromyalgia as well as most of the concurrent complaints."


Fibromyalgia is a chronic condition affecting women and men in all walks of life. Like most pain-producing health problems, the symptoms are never the same in any two individuals. It is evident that many sufferers have un-treated spinal alignment problems from past injuries and accidents. Spinal correction can help these people regain their health and lead normal lives again.

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