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Specific chiropractic care can change the trajectory of your physical and mental health. Simply put, an adjustment is used to unlock a bone that is holding the spine out of alignment. If the spine is adjusted at the right location and in the right direction, it will settle back into proper alignment and relieve nerve stress. This is important because the nerves carry vital signals to and from the brain to coordinate all aspects of life. Your brain's ability to communicate with your body has everything to do with how well your body is able to function and heal. Your body will reach and maintain optimum health if the nerve channels between brain and body are kept open. The upper cervical chiropractor's job is to keep those channels open by giving an adjustment only when necessary, to maintain continual progress, and to understand the processes involved in health recovery.

The road back to health is not without obstacles. You may bring a laundry list of symptoms to the chiropractor, but please don't expect them to magically clear up right away. Corrective chiropractic is not the business of treating your symptoms as this strategy has never produced lasting results. But give it time and the good days will start to increase as the bad days decrease. Keep up with your appointments to make sure neurological interference is kept to a minimum. We never know ahead of time when you will need an adjustment so it's best to monitor often until your progress gives us some security. Not getting an adjustment when it is needed can mean a rapid decline in progress already made.

Healing cycles in the body alternate on roughly a 90-day schedule. In those 90 days we usually experience about a month of rapid progress followed by two months of relatively stable maintenance and rest. As we transition into the next 90 day cycle the body will enter back into a repair phase with progress followed by another rest phase and so on. These are the natural cycles that dictate your recovery under chiropractic. You will even "retrace" through some old injuries and symptoms but don't worry, they will come and go quickly during a repair phase. Another reason we can't adjust away your symptoms- it would interfere with your body actually healing itself!

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