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Have You Ever Done This? | Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care

Have you ever tried to balance a broomstick on your finger?

Chances are you have as a kid and maybe still once in a while when no one is looking. What is the secret to balancing the broomstick? Keep the bottom of the broom directly underneath the very top of the broom.

As you balance the broomstick on your finger, you are watching the top and following every motion as exactly as possible. 

The closer you can keep the broomstick over its center of gravity, the longer it remains upright. 

The human body is much the same but instead of just balancing a broomstick (your spine on your pelvis), imagine balancing a broomstick with a 14 pound bowling ball on top (your head). That is essentially what your body is doing to keep you upright throughout your life. 

Under perfect conditions, the body can maintain balance and function optimally. In reality, everyone experiences accidents and injuries that affect their center of gravity by changing relationships between the individual bones in the spine. 

"The beginning of the disease process begins with postural distortions." -Dr. Hans Selye, Nobel Laureate 

Using the word "posture" in this context, we are not discussing how straight you can sit but how imbalanced your body is at rest. This is important because posture affects every physiological function in your body from breathing to hormone production. Abnormal posture is seen in all patients with chronic illnesses. Posture affects the nervous system and most physicians do not address this critical link.

"The more mechanically distorted a person is, the less energy is available for healing, metabolism, and thought." -Roger Sperry, Ph.D. Nobel Laureate 

"Deviations in the body's center of gravity (read: imbalanced posture)...have resulted in intestinal problems, hemorrhoids, varicose veins, osteoporosis, hip and foot deformities, poor health, decreased quality of life, and a shortened life span." -Journal of the American Medical Association 

Emphasis is placed on "poor health, decreased quality of life, and a shortened life span." So, am I saying that sitting up straighter makes you healthier? Not exactly. Remember, the kind of postural distortion we are discussing is due to uncorrected injury and compensation of the spine and is not something that can be drastically altered unless the underlying injuries are corrected.

The good news is that postural deviations causing health problems can be corrected in most cases. Which way is the most effective? Correcting the balance of the head on the neck requires precision techniques but can yield the greatest overall improvement for the longest potential time allowing the body to continually heal. Otherwise, an imbalanced head and neck relationship will continue to pull the spine outside the body's center of gravity causing postural imbalance, spinal degeneration, pain, and chronic illness. Get the head back in balance with the spine and health will return in time. 

This principle is the basis for upper cervical care. A principle is a scientific law. Have accidents and injuries taken a major toll on your health? There is a good chance we can help and it only takes a consultation to find out. Call 843-399-0182 and schedule today.

Illustration reprinted with permission from
Daniel O. Clark, D.C.

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