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I can still remember my first appointment almost ten years ago. I was not the average new patient. I didn't have back pain. Family and co-workers had good experiences and recommended I check it out. I was insulted when someone said it could "improve my health." I WAS healthy as far as me and my back were concerned! I was skeptical but willing to learn more. I had no idea that appointment would change my life so drastically.

My health began to improve quickly. Within a few months I was able to concentrate better and think clearer despite my diagnosed attention disorder. I was resting better and noticed more energy. I felt more alive. Looking back over the last ten years of continual care, I can say I have continued to grow into better health. I used to get strep throat once or twice a year and am thankful to say that pattern ended when the journey began. No more sinus infections and embarrassing constant runny nose. No more insomnia. Knowing what I know now, I would have begun the journey earlier if I could.

Academics were never my strength, but going back to school was an easy decision to make because it meant I could help other people live better. I was very soon in Atlanta at Life University. Upper Cervical Care was the next step in my journey. I wanted to know why adjusting the neck was such a big deal. It seemed like adjusting the entire spine as often as possible would be better.
I studied the delicate nature of the upper cervical joint and how susceptible it is to micro-trauma. How the relationship between the head and the neck at the upper cervical joint is what determines the balance of the spine and nerves! About the brainstem influence of how you eat, sleep, breath, and do nearly everything. About CSF and blood flow changes that affect the health of the brain. About spinal degeneration and how proper motion of the spine can protect and preserve tissues from accelerated damage. Then I learned the difference between truly corrective spinal care methods and therapeutic treatments that only provide short-term symptom relief. The historical documents, clinical evidence, the research literature, and basic anatomy all point in the same direction. Upper Cervical has remained my professional focus since that time. Daily experiencing the enhanced health potential of the balanced human body, I am more excited than ever to serve in this way.

Our guiding principle is that health and spinal alignment are directly related. Spinal alignment makes a body balanced. A balanced body always functions and heals better. Our procedure is corrective Upper Cervical Care to balance the body, spine, and nerves to promote health.

Outside of the office I'm a Carolina boy at heart-- love my Carolina girl Tara, being in the woods, bass fishing, good food, friends, family, and my church. I love what I do and strive to give my best to every individual who trusts me with their health. I am humbled at every opportunity to provide hope and results. I welcome the possibility of working with anyone who truly desires help. This is your invitation, let's talk soon.

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