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What To Expect

Visiting Our Little River Upper Cervical Chiropractor for the First Time

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Paperwork & Consultation

After scheduling your consultation, your intake forms will be emailed to you. Our easy-to-use system will guide you through the questions and allow you to send us the forms when completed. This allows the doctor to review your health history and prepare for your consultation appointment. 

At your consultation appointment, the doctor will gain a better understanding of your concerns, guide you in sharing important information about your health history, and may perform basic testing to determine if your condition can be helped through spinal care.
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Exam & Imaging

If it is determined that your spinal condition will respond well to our care, a detailed physical exam will help document your unique, abnormal neurological and structural findings. Imaging may be an important step to determine your specific misalignment and is conveniently performed in our office. The doctor will then recommend any immediate care measures before taking time to review the exam and images.
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Report of Findings

A report of findings visit will be scheduled for the doctor to discuss your exam and imaging findings. At this point you will receive a specific, gentle, and precise adjustment according to your unique findings and condition. Don’t worry, there is no twisting, popping, or cracking in the adjustment process. After your precision adjustment, you will be escorted to a zero-gravity chair where the body will begin to relax and respond to the correction. We then re-check your spine to determine the effectiveness of your adjustment as you begin your path of healing.
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Corrective Care

Cases that qualify for corrective care will be scheduled for a second report. This visit serves as a follow-up to the report of findings and will outline the patient’s future course of care based on their concerns and condition. The purpose of corrective care is to achieve a steady and reliable return to health for those patients who desire improved health, greater quality of life, and prevention of further complications related to their condition.

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